Sperry 17' x 17' Savannah Series tent with cedar frame

The Savannah Series tents by Sperry Fabric Architecture are an elegant option for venues, event planners, and private owners. The wooden framed tents feature clerestory windows — a second row of windows above an adjacent roof. This classic architectural feature can be found on temples, cathedrals, and opera houses around the world. Clerestory windows allow sunlight to stream into the tent during the day, and a warm glow to shine outwardly at night. The beautiful Savannah Series tents feature a curved, handcrafted wood frame, sleek support brackets, and masterful craftsmanship.  Installation not included.

Sperry's manufacturing processes draw heavily from their strong foundation of sailmaking craft while they move forward with all the benefits modern technology can offer. Elegant and aerodynamic lines come from traditional sail-trimming techniques, while other aspects of the finishing process are made possible only through the advances of modern machinery. The possibilities are endless with the assistance of present-day technology - and endless possibilities allow for greater creativity in design.


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