Every architectural opportunity comes with an array of potential solutions.  An array of potential materials.  Ceramics, glass, textiles, metal, wood and stone.  We seek out materials and artisans to complete our design solutions.  Through our collaborative efforts, we find inspiration and greater reward.  Mostly locally sourced and locally found.  Creativity abounds with multiple players and design soars.

Glass I

Use of Kolman Artisan Glass in restroom renovation for Outer Bar & Grill/Pool, Wequassett Resort & Golf Club, Harwich, MA  Working with Connie is a unique experience and one that we look forward to for each architectural opportunity.  Images by Greg Premu Photography.

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Use of Place Unique Forms wood desk in proposal for Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce Buzzards Bay Visitor Center improvements.  Working with Alvin Winart to create a spectacular and memorable reception desk.

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Decorative Painting

Use of Whimsical Notions owner, Katherine Hallam, for decorative wall murals in the restroom renovation at the Cape Cod Canal Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center in Buzzards Bay, MA.

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Use of Sperry Fabric Architecture for the renovation of the Garden Terrace at the Wequassett Resort & Golf Club, Harwich, MA.  Learn some of the details from Matt Sperry's perspective by reading his recent blog entry

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Glass II

Use of Fire & Ice Studio Glass, in cabinetry display piece.  Collaboration with Deborah Goldhaft to create a contemporary piece of glass based on a retro pattern.

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