Glass Work in Architecture

Fri, 02/26/2021 - 3:39pm

Bryan Randa, GlassglowerGlass has many architectural applications.  We have met artisans that work in this material, each with their unique process, as we strive to enhance our design work.  Blown, etched, reclaimed, painted and fused--glass has many faces.  The work of Bryan Randa is light and colorful; Bryan is a glassblower that is working on Cape Cod.  We met Bryan while we were preparing for the Southeastern Mass Artisan Expo [SEMAX]; his work is currently on display in the Drawing Room where we are anticipating the arrival of his glass blown pendant light fixtures. 

Deep and light carved, etched plate glass and mirror is the focus of Deborah Goldhaft's architectural glass work.  Deborah is a Rhode Island artisan and will be featured during our Meet the Glass Artisan event this weekend. Ed McAloon is an artist specializing in traditional leaded glass design, restoration, and construction.  His background in the architectural salvage informs his glass work.  He continually strives to enhance his techniques working with glass.  Ed is a Rhode Island artisan and will be featured in the Meet the Glass Artisan event this weekend along with Deborah Goldhaft. 

Kolman Artisan Glass creates architectural installations in decorative painted glass. Connie Kolman has developed a unique technique where she combines papers, foils, and paint to create stunning compositions on glass; we were fortunate to recently complete a design project utilizing Connie's decorative glass.  The full line of Kolman Artisan Glass, as well as the fine art line, is on display in our Drawing Room.  The art of fused glass can be seen in the work of Jeri Dantzig, an artisan from Martha's Vineyard.  Jeri's furniture, art and tableware add color and zest to any environment.

We find glass to be inspiring and are drawn to incorporate unique applications in this material into our work.